Flirting with My Best Friend

Flirting with my

Best Friend

One night.

One kiss.

A whole lot of messy feelings. 

Liana Pierce has been my best friend since freshman orientation at Harbor Highlands College. I knew all her secrets, and she knew all mine, but apparently there was one secret we were hiding from each other.

Sure, I may have flirted with my best friend, but there’s nothing that ruins a friendship faster than feelings. And I’m not in the market to find a new best friend so I’ll keep my hands and lips to myself. 

Until Liana took a bet.

I bet you won’t kiss the next guy who buys you a drink.

As I pulled out my wallet, I unknowingly became the next guy. 

Kissing my best friend changed everything, and all it took were three little words to spark this new desire ….

I bet you.


Spicy Romantic Comedy, Friends to Lovers, Slight Angst

Content Warnings

Explicit Adult Content, Non-Descriptive Sexual Assault Scene, Alcohol Consumption

Flirting with My Best Friend

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