Flirting with the Bad Boy Cover

Flirting with the Bad boy

Don’t kiss your best friend’s brother.
Easy enough.
Too bad I never got the memo.

 The grumpy, tattooed bad boy screams off limits.

 Instead of staying away, I tell him to kiss me. It’s a kiss that sends tingles to places I never knew could tingle. When it’s over, I need more.

 This good girl craves the bad boy.
And his name is Ledger Hudson.

Our chemistry between the sheets…
Turning the frown of the grumpasaurus upside down…
Most fun I’ve ever had.

Everything quickly unravels once my best friend finds out. Words are said. Food is thrown. And now my best friend hates me.

Ledger pushes me away, saying we’re from different worlds. I tug him back, wanting to prove him wrong. When I’m dateless for the biggest gala of the year, he shows up as my knight in shiny combat boots.

All my life I’ve been forced to follow a certain set of rules and a smokin’ hot guy in ripped jeans and a motorcycle isn’t on the list. But being rebellious never felt so good. 

As they say… what goes up must come crashing down, shattering in a million tiny pieces.

When I’m left with nothing…
It’s the grumpy, bad boy who’s determined to not let me go.

Flirting with the Bad Boy is a best friend brother’s, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract romcom. Be prepared to laugh-out-loud one minute and swoon the next in this steamy standalone romance.

Flirting with the Bad Boy is coming July 2023!

Where to buy

Romantic Comedy, Spicy Best Friend’s Brother, Opposites Attract, Different Worlds, Grumpy/Sunshine

Content Warning

Spicy Adult Content, OW Drama (no cheating)

Flirting with My Best Friend

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